Who we are?

AMERICAN COSMETICS Company founded in 2005 by a group of experts in the field of personal care products , which has built its trademarks of more than twenty registered trademarks in the majority of the world, to serve about 150 millions of people from different countries of the world

Our presence

We are located in more than thirty countries around the world

Our vision

Companies compete to increase their sales. While American Cosmetics seeks to innovate and develop high quality personal care products to make our lives more joyful

Our History

After the great success of American Cosmetics in the United States of America, the company decided to establish its first factory in the Middle East in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014 on an area of 5000 m², with a production capacity of 20 tons per day of various personal care products so that the company has put the basis stone in the strategic region of Istanbul linking the continents of Europe and Asia each other. And It is also close to the continent of Africa which facilitates the delivery of the products to all the countries of these continents and be closest to the final consumer of our products to receive feedback and opinions of our consumers and ideas to develop our products for the best as our policy depends on the partnership with the consumer to reach the best product serves everyone

Our International Presence

Thanks to our great efforts and our high quality products. We were able to reach all continents. Our ambition isto cover around 500 million people around the world